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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Hmm Factor

We tackled most of the Christmas decorating last night. It is always fun unpacking and unwrapping all of the decorations you lovingly stored away the year before. There is a comfort that comes with putting out your old favorites and adding new ones you've picked up along the way.

There is also another part to decorating, one that is rarely talked about for fear of ruining the budding holiday cheer. I call it The Hmm Factor. "Hmm" being the sound you make as you stare at your decorating space, stumped, paralyzed, unable to move forward. Simply explained, it is the moment when you hit a decorating wall. 

This is a wall that threatens carefully crafted moments of jubilee. Moments where you take the time to enjoy the fact that Christmas is here once again and you are beautifying your home at a leisurely pace. Bing Crosby is crooning White Christmas in the background and your Frasier Fur candles are lit, wafting the scent of fresh pine around the house. You've arranged, rearranged, moved furniture, added a Santa here, a snowman there and yet...

I encounter this every year. No matter how often I mentally decorate in advance, The Hmm Factor eventually comes ... cue entrance of husband ... take in wife's puzzled expression ... husband asks "what's wrong?"

Kyle has a very good eye, on top of that, he is a very smart man. He will stay out of my way let me do my thing until the "hmm-ing" starts and then, only then, see if he can lend a hand. After a few moments of talking through my original vision, he has moved one or two things and voila! It is nice to have a partner in crime who also happens to have a knack for decorating.

I woke to a festive holiday home this morning. I am not sure about you, but it takes me a while to get used to a newly decorated house - especially if I'm not fully caffeinated. So when I wandered downstairs with Ranger at 7:00am, our collective efforts brought a smile to my face. Christmas is here! 

Now we just need the tree.

What is your holiday decorating quandary?

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  1. The fireplace is by far the trickest holiday decorating space in my home. I never know whether to clutter it with figurines and foliage, or keep it simple with stockings. Grrr...