Mod Men

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Forgotten Room

Our guest room is nice enough. We obviously don't spend a lot of time in there since the room is for...well...guests. So, short of making sure that the sheets are springtime fresh, we just check in every now and again to confirm everything is tidy and that the dog hasn't jumped all over the bed.

The other day my husband suggested that since we are moving things around in our house, we should redecorate that room as well. Getting the green light to start a new project is like getting an early Christmas present and I am thrilled with the idea of changing things up a bit.

Now that the buffet is so close to being done (we decided on a shade of light gray for the exterior), we can start to look at potential color schemes for that room overall. Right now, I like these....

Do you guys think that the yellow/gray combo is over done? Any other suggestions?


  1. I love the headboard and the color scheme of the first one. I think the pops of yellow with the rustic chic look is brilliant!

  2. I loooove this color scheme. It's cool and crisp but the yellow adds such a lovely, unexpected pop of sunshine. Go for it! :)