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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet My Arch Nemesis

This wall is the bane of my existence. I am not exaggerating. I stare at it constantly. I don't fear blank space, but there is something unbalanced about it that makes me want to tear my hair out.

For the last three years, I've hated this wall and the space around it and been paralyzed. I have no idea what to do here!

Adding insult to injury is the fact that this wall is in MY room and has MY television on it!

What is with all of the "me, my, mine?" The television on that wall is the girl TV. The only one in the house that is allowed to house all of my girl shows on its DVR. The shows that my husband watches with me (when I beg him to) and complains that my taste in quality programming is debatable. I'll save that for another post. 

The Nester posted her wall drama a few days ago. It was comforting to read that my obsession with a wall is not limited to, Nester is in a healthier place though, having moved from a place of hate to one where she loves her entertainment wall!

The way I see it, I have three choices:

1)  Watch my girl shows in my husband's man room - which is a strange sentence to read, let alone make a reality - in an effort to avoid the frustration that comes with watching TV in our living room. 

Let's be honest, I doubt he'll want to scroll through recordings of
Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Say Yes To The Dress, etc. saved on his man TV, in front of his friends. So this is probably not going to fly.

2)  Deal with it. Find a way to live in harmony with this wall as is and drop my oars. I don't think this will ever happen.

3)  Find a creative solution that will solve my problem and lead to a happy living room experience and comfy place for girly TV time.

I like Option 3.

Anyone care to weigh in on how to change this wall? Any and all creative solutions welcome!


  1. Oh, OH, I have a big opinion!!!

    To me, the speakers are the worst part, if your husband has a man room, then I'm guessing there's no real need for the speakers? Pass them along?

    Other thoughts? random ideas that may or may not pan out so don't quote me?

    *a few really LARGE scale item?
    *large scale round pottery or bamboo vases that are large and roundy not cornery?
    *pops of color?
    *move the cable remote box to the top of the table and skirt the table to hide the rest of the stuff--maybe you don't need all those electronics to watch your girlie shows?
    *find a set of chairs to flank on either side of the tv and let them steal the show--no pun intended
    *make the wall the tv is into a gallery wall with lots and lots of black framed photos and such similar to what young house love did in their hallway?

  2. Try this! I've always loved this look:

    Good luck!!

  3. Thanks, Nester! These are great ideas and definitely worth exploring. I love the idea of incorporating pops of color. The speakers may be a battle, but it's all about the war right?

    Best, Canny

  4. Jen, love the look of the frames! Thanks for the feedback.

  5. I think you should do something like this:
    (I saw your comment on the Nester, and thought this would look great)

  6. Thanks, Avery! That is a very classic look and I like that there are different color/size frames. Interestingly enough, the piece that the TV is sitting on looks very much like the buffet I just picked up for restoration...hmm. Ideas, ideas, ideas.

  7. two words sconce and sconce on either side. Large glass vase on each with seasonal greenery or even pheasant feathers love.....

    boo here ;)

  8. Oooooo....SCONCES! Love that idea and lucky for me seasonal greenery will be coming out of my ears after Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the post "A"!