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Monday, November 7, 2011

Milk in paint? Who knew?

My husband and I are still working on figuring out our design style - contemporary, country, vintage, classic? As we settle into our first our third year...we are letting it evolve with our changing tastes. Currently, I feel like we are leaning more towards what one might call "rustic chic." So, as I consider a finish for the buffet, I am taking into account what our tastes are now  and how we can create something that will transition well into the future.

When we first mentioned this to our friend Karen (the one who I still owe big time for helping me strip off the ugly army green paint), she said that we should consider using Milk Paint to finish the buffet. After a bit of research I am super excited to play with the stuff. 
Apparently, it is an old school formulation used to achieve a distressed look. While we have never really gravitated toward a shabby chic style, I love the look of distressed furniture. Done well, it can have a lived in quality that is still very high end.

I have been researching the basics of the application on one of my favorite sites, Design Sponge, and while it is going to be a bit more labor intensive, I think that we will be thrilled with the results.

Bonus detail: milk paint is all natural, free of harmful chemicals and noxious odors! 

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