Mod Men

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let There Be Light!

When we moved into our house, one of the first things we did was add/update light fixtures and in some cases we needed additional lighting where there was none. One of the places where we added a light, was in the far corner of our kitchen over the table. Just a simple pendant light we picked up at Home Depot, nothing fancy. 

After three years, the pendant light has served us well, but when the home improvement itch struck last month, that light became the focus of almost every conversation. It didn't help matters that you can see it from the family room, so we stared at it...all the time.

Kyle had a vision of a rustic light fixture - sort of like the picture to the left - with a cage or Edison style light bulb. When coupled with the right decor items, it would seem relaxed and elegant...or maybe that was my interpretation of his vision? Either way, we both had an idea of what we wanted and started the search with enthusiasm. 

Enthusiasm gave way to disappointment as we scoured School House ElectricBarn Light Electric and other home decors sites - realizing that our vision taste is expensive was going to cost an arm and a leg to bring to life ($150.00- $250.00). Yes, we are still only talking about a light fixture. Stick with me.

Enter one of my favorite places, Anthropologie! Keeping with my usual routine of heading straight for the sale section, I was astonished to find a collection of fabulously rustic pendant lights for 40% off. So, instead of paying $150.00 for a light fixture, we only spent $70.00! And to top it off, they also carry Edison bulbs! YAY for us!

Here is the finished product...

I love it! Now, I find that staring into the kitchen brings a smile to my face.

I wonder what we should do next?